Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020

Unique Gifts for Guys – THIS IS MY SUPERBOWL PEOPLE! Need a few Father’s Day Gift ideas? Let me help! Actually, I have a special guest… let my Mom help. She has great gift ideas for Father’s Day! Her gifts are thoughtful, useful, and special.

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Here’s a visual list of my Mom’s Father’s Day gift ideas for 2020:

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

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Gift ideas for fathers day

Circular desk light with USB charging ports – a must!



Put this in your wallet and survive.


fathers day gift idea

Pizza oven grill attachment for a weber grill!


leather messenger bag gifts for dad for fathers day

This Handmade Leather Messenger would look great on him!



Hand-made natural wood, packed with Original Unique Bamboo Wooden Gift Box


the book of unusual knowledge - gift ideas for fathers day

700+ pages…This will keep him busy for a while. There are many more of these types of books in the recommended section of amazon when you click on the book.


the book of useless information - fathers day gift idea

Also 700+ pages. Never enough useless information! He could be on who wants to be a millionaire…

Backyard games – Fathers Day gift ideas

large connect 4 gift idea for dad

You played when you were a kid…but now play the HUGE version in your back yard… Entertainment for hours…


connect 4 backyard fun gift for dad fathers day gift idea

Wooden frame – Good ol’ fashioned backyard fun for the whole family..with a 4-foot connect 4 game! This one looks a little more sophisticated.


knock off disc toss gift idea for dad for fathers day gift idea

Try a new backyard game called Knock Off Disc Toss… two teams…knock off the water bottle, but if they catch it, you lose. Looks fun.


Disc slam game gift ideas for fathers day 2020

Outdoor Game – Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam. Fun for the backyard or beach!


tiki toss gift idea for fathers day

Tiki Toss game you can play anywhere! The Simplicity Of The Game Makes It Both Highly Addictive While Meditative. Simple 5 Minute Set Up.
Easy To Learn, Difficult To Master! Perfect Party Game!


happy nuts gifts for fathers day

Happy nuts = happy wife…am i right?


munkey butt gift idea for dad

Dad needs this more than you think!


Penis peppers gift ideas for dad

I call these pervert peppers! hah thanks mom!


Porno melons gift idea for fathers day



Woman figure pepper gift idea for fathers day

Grow a woman pepper! It might getcha on the way out…


Purple pepper gift idea for fathers day

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Heat score: 12/10. yeeeeaaaaaooooow


Fathers day gift ideas

Why do we do this to ourselves? We love the pain. Hot, hotter…super hot!!!


Gift ideas for fathers day ab workout without leaving home

The gyms are closed, so get an ab workout at home on the couch. Remember these from the 2000’s infomercials? They are still around and they still work! I have mine on and I’m literally getting a workout as I type this… one of my picks.


activity tracker gift idea for fathers day

Track your daily steps, calorie consumed, distance, monitor continuous heart rate, record the duration of exercise, average pace. Monitor your daily sleep quality, tell you how long and how well you sleep during the night. Map your sports route in the app by following the connected GPS tracker. 14 sport modes.



Flashlight gloves!


hammer multi-tool gift ideas for dad

All of the tools you need, when you don’t have your tools. Life saver!


tactical gear kit for gift ideas for fathers day gift for dad

Be prepared. Never know when you’ll need it!


Magnetic wrist band gift idea for fathers day

Now where did that nut go?


earthquake bag - gift ideas for dad fathers day gift ideas

If you prep now, you wont stress later.


Banzai kit fathers day gift ideas

Grow your own banzai tree kit


Fathers day gift ideas bonzai tree kit


Garden gloves fathers day gift ideas

Gloves for gardening.


Fathers day gift idea funky veggie kit

Plant FUNKY veggies!


quesadilla gift idea for dad

Quesadilla Basket – Heavy-gauge chromed steel with a fine rosewood handle, which conducts heat slowly to minimize burns.


Fathers day idea bbq branding tool

Custom meat sear! Don’t let anyone take your meat!


Fathers day gift idea smokers log book gift for him

Keep track of your cook times and temperatures in one place.


fathers day gifts bbq kit

He can always use a new grill set!


Gift ideas for men grill matt

Grill matt 600 degrees – dont get stuck to the grill..use the matt for the same great flavor


Gift ideas for dad for fathers day meat shredder

breakfast sandwich maker - gift ideas for fathers day

No more Micky D’s…make your own breakfast at home!


fathers day gift idea

Sundial and compass..because why clocks?


light up bike wheels gift idea for fathers day

Get the whole family bike-lights for fun, safe night time bike riding! How cool!


car vacuum gift idea for dad

Clean freaks unite! I def need this for my dirty-a** car… hand-held vacuum with cig lighter power attachment.


Fathers day gift idea bee keeping equipment

Beekeeping tools…lets start a bee hive!! pretty please. Danny and his wife got to start one……


Fathers day gift ideas for dad - beekeeping book

Naturally needed after getting the tools…

Bee Keepers bible gift idea for dad for fathers day gift idea

A must-have for any beeaholic. that’s not a word.


Gift ideas for dad bee keeper sign


Batman The Dark Knight Rises Three-Fourth Bane Mask gift ideas for dad

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Three-Fourth Bane Mask – because you need a mask to go outside now.



Bluetooth headphones and beanie…no cords! inconspicuous listening! Is he listening to you?? nope. His music.


Tactical dad gear - gift ideas for dad

Ditch the girly diaper bag!! Here is tactical baby gear for dad. Perfect gift for a new dad on fathers day!


go pro super kit fathers day gift ideas

Go pro accessory super kit! You never have the right attachment at the right time…now, you will!!


Bloody mary mix gift ideas for dad for fathers day

Love me a good bloody mary in the morning!


Gifts for dad moon lamp fathers day gift ideas

Moon lamp – sets the mood!


Gift ideas for fathers day moon lamp

Custom street sign – Lazy ass way…


milti-colored light gift idea for dad for fathers day

Color changing orb for when you get it on. You want to get it on, don’t you?


Picnic basket gift idea for fathers day gift for any dad

Try a picnic at the park, that might lead to something…

bbq glove for dad for fathers day gift idea

Grill brush gift idea fathers day

Bird feeder fathers day gift idea

fathers day gift idea humming bird hand feeder for dad

I want to hold a hummingbird!!


backyard wildlife camera gift idea for father gifts for dad

Record your backyard wildlife! I seriously have raccoons, possum, squirrels and wild cats in my backyard all the time…wonder what they do back there!


Fathers day gift ideas bird bath

Bird feeder – nature rocks!


Fathers day gifts for dad man of the year mirror

Mirror. Because he loves himself. He can be man of the year, every year.


Fathers day gift ideas seed sprouter

Seed Sprout Farm – gotta start your garden somewhere!


Gift ideas for fathers day

Seeds to sprout – i’ll have a salad in 3 weeks!


Gift ideas for fathers day

Seeds to eat!


Bird repellant gift idea for dad

Bird Repeller for the garden.


pepper set gift idea for dad

Grow your pepper garden!

Gag Gift boxes for Fathers Day gifts:

my first fire gag box - gifts for fathers day - dad gag gift

Wrap your gift in this gag-gift box and watch him go: WTF? Cue hilarity.


earwax candle gag gift box - gift idea for dad

Gag gift box to wrap your gift in… won’t it be fun to watch him thank you for an earwax candle kit???


gag gift roto wipe gifts for fathers day

Wrap your gift in this box and just wait…


hide a poo gift idea for dad fathers day ideas

How long will it take him to realize its a gag gift box. Set the timer…

Dad tee’s Fathers day gift ideas:

dad-bod-father-figure-gift-ideas-for-dadthe beekeeper Tee gift idea for fathers day


great get promoted to grandpas tee gift ideas for fathers day


NASA tee gift ideas for dad


fathers day gift tee


daughter dad tee for fathers day


the dogfather tee fathers day gift idea


Gift idea for fathers day tee i dont need google my wife knows everything


grandpa gift idea for fathers day tee

fathers day gift ideas for dad tacos and cervezas


promoted to daddy tee fathers day gift ideas


draft beer jelly belly gift idea for fathers day

Beer and candy in one!


bring me a beer socks - gift idea for dad

No words needed.



Hammock – Recently on Shark Tank


Fathers day gift idea personalized deed of land

Land would be a nice gift.


Fathers day gift idea bob ross painting set

Painting is fun! Get him started with the master, Bob Ross! Remember watching him on PBS as a kid?


Fiverr father day gift idea


Fathers day gift ideas


Get your own stock gift ideas for dad

Here you can buy as little as one stock at a time, but a good investment and a great gift idea for him.


Light gift idea for fathers day what to get dad

Multi-color lamp with USB charging port – a must by your bedside!!


Skate wheels for work chair

Rollerblade Wheels For Office Chairs… how many hours a day does he sit in that thing?


Jaw Exerciser

Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser And Neck Toning. gotta work out EVERY part of your bod.


Tiger King Coloring book

Tiger King coloring book – a family activity!

You made it to the end! buttttt….

Don’t fret…There are more unique gifts 4 guys here!


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