Tree Tent

Tree Tent

$450 — Tentsile Connect Tree Tent – 4 seasons, 2 person tent, shown with included rain protector.

Unique Gifts for Guys — Rest between the trees, off-ground and up in the air! It’s the ultimate gift for the camper who wants to take their tent game up a notch. Buy a bunch and build a community! That would be a sight to see! People would pay to sleep in a community of these tree tents, right? You heard it here first!

Anyways, I would love to try sleeping in a tree tent one day…even though it seems a little small in there…At least it looks like you can sit up. It can’t be any worse than coffin racks in the Navy, stacked three high. I had bottom rack. I just got used to the small quarters.

Check it out


Imagine pitching a tent in the air, between the trees, here:



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