Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses

Solo eyewear

$95 — SOLO Eyewear – Handcrafted and Repurposed Bamboo Sunglasses

Unique Gifts for guys — Now, you can look fashionable and cool while saving the environment. Full bamboo glasses also float in water! Ideal for water-sports, fishing and pool parties.

SOLO Eyewear was developed as a class project at San Diego State University. From the

“While completing an International Entrepreneurship course, Jenny Amaraneni read Paul Polak’s Out of Poverty where she discovered the great need for eye care around the world. She decided to research the issue further.  Jenny, who has poor vision, encountered two startling statistics: approximately 1 billion people do not have access to eye care and nearly 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable.  (World Health Organization)

These statistics were a call to action… the idea for SOLO Eyewear was born. Jenny partnered with her colleague and fellow student, Dana Holliday, to launch the company. To date, SOLO has restored vision for 11,000+ people in need across 32 countries and it’s only the beginning. With the support of a stellar team, Jenny and Dana are leading the vision restoring efforts at SOLO.

You may wonder, why the name, SOLO?

We believe that One person. One idea. One action can change the world.”

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Other Bamboo Sunglasses:



Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses by Tree People, Floating Wayfarer Style Glasses

Bammy Bamboo Sunglasses

Bammy Bamboo Sunglasses


Polarized Wood Wooden Mens Womens Vintage Sunglasses Eyewear with Bamboo box

Suasi Uv Protection Sports Glasses Cycling Wood Sunglasses with Bamboo Legs

Suasi Uv Protection Sports Glasses Cycling Wood Sunglasses with Bamboo Legs

Suasi Uv Protection Sports Glasses Cycling Wood Sunglasses with Bamboo Legs

Ray Ban RB4147

I own and wear these Raybands every day.. I love them! They are not wooden, but have a large field of view. Ray Ban RB4147 with half black half clear rims and legs.


Over at they have a wood collection of sunglasses (and prescription) that they say is handcrafted from the finest woods available. The wood is also sustainably sourced, making them environmentally friendly.


“It started with a wooden ski pole, or at least an attempt to create a wooden ski pole. When that failed, Brooks Dame switched plans and instead tried sunglasses. That was 2011.

Today Proof Eyewear sells dozens of frames and lens variations, many still made of wood.

“There is literally a pair of glasses for everyone you know,” said Vierra Reid, marketing director with the company. “You can go plain Jane or fire lenses.”

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Scout Eco Black Polarized

Scout_grande E_Donner_Float_Polarized_grande E_Bannock_Black_Tiger_Camo_Polarized_grande Bud_Black_Maple_Gold_grande W_Ontario_Stained_Gray_grande W_Federal_Stained_Polarized_grande W_Boise_Black_Maple_Polarized_grande W_Boise_Zebra_Polarized_grande W_Boise_Stained_Polarized_grande

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