116 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys 2016

116 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys 2016

116 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys 2016

Boys, Teenagers, Men…Childish Men. Ideas for GUYS!

Guys are hard to buy for, I know. I’m one of them!

Below, I delve into some cheap gifts ideas and a little more expensive gifts ideas for guys of all ages.

I hope my list will spark some creative juices, and you’ll end up with easy, perfect gifts for everyone!


Here we go:

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NEW 2016 NES System

Your childhood right here…The NES is back!…And this time it comes pre-installed with 30 classic NES games. Cue nostalgia. Probably sold out by now!  But if you get a Raspberry Pi and a USB controller, you can play every game imaginable.

Personalized Bobblehead

Personalized Bobble head

$65 Get a custom-made by hand bobblehead of you and your family! Send a photo, choose a body and see proofs before its complete. Use the promo code for 5% off!

5% Discount coupon code: 5PUG4G

Make your own Gummies

$30 Make gummy fish, worms and bears in your home! Create your own flavors out of OJ, Jello, soft drinks…whatever you can think of! A fun gift for everyone, and you get to eat your creation! Comes with a giant bear mold!

Miracle Fruit Berries

Miracle Fruit berries

$50 Eat one of these berries and it will make sour food taste sweet! Weird! Eating a miracle fruit will make a lemon taste like lemonade without using sugar. Ethan’s Garden miracle fruit berries are the freshest miracle fruit you can get without picking it yourself. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that keep your “fresh” fruit in the mail for 2-5 days. Due to the perishability of miracle fruit, our fruit is picked fresh from our Florida miracle fruit farm in the evening and arrives at your door the next morning.

 Flavored Crickets

$9 Sampler Gift Pack of 3. 100% REAL Crickets 1 Sour Cream & Onion 1 Bacon & Cheese 1 Salt N’ Vinegar

HTC Vive – Virtual Reality

$800  You’ve never experienced anything like this! The HTC Vive makes you a part of the game, like you are actually there. You can look around in all directions, shoot bad guys, go on adventures all from your living room. Really incredible. Any guy would love you long time if he got this under the tree! Alternative: Oculus Rift!

4 Person Survival Kit

Disaster Emergency kit

$200 It’s not IF, but when…Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Flood…be ready. This is a grab and go kit for 4. Food, water, saftey items, first aid and more! Don’t get caught off-guard when disaster strikes!

Personalized Craft Beer Growler Set

$55 No home brewery is complete without personalized glass-wear! Your name, printed right on there. Comes with growler and 4 pint glasses.

Create your own stuffed animal

Create your own stuffed animal

$90 Turn your kids drawing into a stuffed animal plush! Draw, send and then very talented designers will bring that art to life! Really cool for any kid! 16″ for 30″…You can also send a photo of any person, and they will make a huggable stuffed animal out of it…Or a pet!

360 Camera

360 camera

$297 Take pictures or video all around you…literally, in all directions. This unique camera has two fish-eye lens. Shoot, then upload to your phone or computer, and the software stitches the two shots together, making one seem-less 360 degree immersive experience! Any guy will be playing with this thing for hours. Below is a video I shot in San Diego, in Mission Bay, at Belmont Park, on the Giant Dipper. You can pan around and see everything in 360.




VR Goggles

$24 Watch your 360 videos with this head mounted display. Pop any smartphone into the front, and play VR videos from your 360 camera, or youtube! You will forget where you are, because the experience is so immersive. Very cool gift for any guy.

Media Streamer – Stop paying for cable!

$60 Some things you don’t even know you need. This is one of them. Stop paying for cable and get a kodi streaming device. Any show or movie you want, can be streamed from the internet, to your TV set. I haven’t paid for cable in years, and I truly love it! And I know you will too.

Portable Power

$36 You WILL run out of phone battery power at the most inconvenient time. That’s a fact. Be ready. This will charge an iphone 9 times. Thats a lifesaver!!

3-D Printer

$300 Print in 3-D! Create tools, games, figures, parts etc. ! Entry level printer, Easy to tune, calibrate and use. support Abs/pla/wood/flexible pla/nylon filament filament

Publish Your Own Comic Book

$28 Write, illustrate and publish your own 18 page professionally printed comic book. Kit includes book pages, pencil and artist eraser, pens, markers and postage paid envelope to send your masterpiece to the publisher!

Creation Crate


Monthly DIY electronic projects…anyone can learn how to put them together!


10% off Creation Crate

Enter to win a 1 year subscription!

Faux Book Safe Set


$20 for two book safes. Store important papers and things out of sight, and in a safe place….on your bookshelf. Or hide your secret stash of booze…or candy. It could go either way. Hide anything in these hallowed out books.

Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

$40 Use a mix of physical and digital tools that include designs to help you get started create your first design. Create game rooms, characters, and game art using the game board and 320 blocks.

19-Piece Grilling BBQ tool set + case

$49 Includes meat thermometer. Professional grade stainless-steel. 2-year warranty. Keep all of your BBQ necessities in one place!

Homemade Gin Kit

$30 Comes with everything you need to make your own 750ml bottle of gin! Available refill flavors: Smokey blend & spiced blend, not included.



The Oregon Trail – Card Game

$8 Players work together to move along the trail, forging rivers and playing Supply Cards to overcome calamities. Playing time: 30 Minutes or less. 2-6 players.

Every Star Wars Movie – The Complete Saga

$43 DVDs; $80 Blu-ray Episodes 1-6, more than 40 hours of extras, multi angle story board, deleted & extended scenes, cast and crew interviews and more! A must for every Star Wars fan.

Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

$20 Instant Party! Hollow out the fruit, insert shank and attach the faucet. Fill with your beverage of choice.

68-piece Emergency Car Kit

$48 Ultimate Peace of Mind On The Road: Feel protected, secure and always prepared with this vehicle emergency kit. You never know if and when you’ll need this. Be ready.

Frost Boss

Frost Boss

$25 Chill any 12-ounce can in 2-minutes flat. Ice and AA required but not included. Do you like warm beer? Me neither. You need this more than you think.

Long, Hooded, Fleece Bathrobe

$60 Many colors to choose from. Thick polar fleece keeps you warm without weighing you down. Durable, yet easy on the skin and will hold up through your daily routine.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

$25 Everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse in a re-useable box. Includes tactical knife, multitool, skull-face mask, hunting permit, zombie warning stickers and more!

Sportsman Series Medical First Aid Kit

$100 Designed for adventurous hunters and fisherman. Contains supplies to treat the most common injuries in the field. Provide hospital quality care for groups of up to 14 people on trips up to 2-weeks.

Custom Photo Marshmallows

Custom marshmallows

$25 Box of 9 marshmallows. Choose vanilla or strawberry. Edible photo printed marshmallows make a great unique gift for anyone! Mallow pops also available. So fun!

Wreck This Journal

$8 Take this journal with you everywhere you go, and always do what it says. This journal is not nice to itself. It wants you to destroy it! And its ok…you’re allowed to!

Presidential Toilette Paper

$15 Wipe yourself while Trump smooches your undercarriage. 2-ply Jumbo roll. 480 Sheets.

$13 No bias here. You can wipe yourself with Hillary too! 160 sheets, 3-ply. 100% virgin wood pulp, non toxic (the puns write themselves).










Trump / Hillary Pinata

$59 Take out your election aggression and see whats really inside president trump…Hot air? Probably.

$68 Crack her open and find her missing e-mails! 32″ tall. Every Hillary Bashers dream to knock her out.










Personalized Playing Cards

$11 Play with your face on your very own personalized deck of cards. Printed on 300gsm gloss card stick. Includes white tuck box with window.

Petsie – Your pet’s mini-me

your pet into a stuffed animal

$149 Upload a photo of your favorite pet…and turn them into a huggable, love-able stuffed animal! Such a fun and thoughtful gift for the animal lover! You can also turn your artwork, drawings, and relatives into stuffed animals.

Tile Mate – The Anything Finder

$25 Bluetooth Tracker, 25% smaller than before! Find your phone, keys, wallet. See where you had it last. Enlist other tile users to help find things out of range! Use your smartphone when its nearby but out of site.

Smaller Power Bank

High Capacity: Add one and a half charges to your iPhone 5s or half a charge to your iPad mini using the included 3ft MFi Lightning Cable.

$22 – It’s a Mini Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank –The  high capacity kind: Adds one and a half charges to your iPhone or half a charge to your iPad mini using the included 3ft MFi Lightning Cable. Add any cable you have, and charge any phone or device that you want. Just dont forget to charge it after each use. @amazon

Fun Candles

Gifts for guys

$22 Behold, the fruit loops candle! Everything made of wax and scented like your favorite childhood cereal! They also have candles in the form of a pancake stack and s’mores shaped soap. Click on the pic and see all of the cool things this Etsy business makes! So fun for everyone!

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

$876 Never vacuum again! Let this guy do it for you! It’s on the pricy side, but factor how much time this would save you, and peace of mind that your house will be clean when you get home!

Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb

LED lamp and speaker in one

$20 It’s a lightbulb…it’s a speaker…it’s BOTH! It can Be Controlled Via Smart Phone Or Tablet / Bluetooth LED Lamp Appearance / 16 Different Color Options! E27 Lamp Base, Screw In Type. Power: LED 6W White + 3W RGB Lighting

Bluetooth Speaker

$179 Playing music from your phone is the norm these days…Get the best sound quality from a portable bluetooth bose speaker. There are lots of others on the market..I’ve previously posted a few others…But you know Bose is going to have great sound quality!

Toilette Night Light

$9 Stop stumbling to the restroom at night…Light up the throne with 8 different colors! Motion activated night light for the toilette! Energy saving…fits in any bowl.

Smoking Jacket

$150 Smoke in style..like Hugh Hefner…without the horrid smell when you’re done… 100% poly blend, lightweight, dry clean only.

Beefed-up cooler

$249 This ultimate cooler holds 112 cold ones, with a 4-day ice retention! Bottle openers on each side, tie down loops, water resistant storage, never-flat wheels and more! You are perfectly prepared for a family day at the beach! I have previously posted a few other options available as well.


$9 It’s the “before you go” spray…a preventative, if you will…Scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils and other natural compounds; NO harsh chemicals, aerosol, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde; All stink-fighting good stuff!

Animal Hand Tattoos

2 Dozen Animal Hand Tattoos. Tattoos Measure 3 1/4 Inches. Assorted Colors. Assorted Designs. Non Toxic.

$13 – For the Kids…2 Dozen Animal Hand Tattoos. Measure 3 1/4 Inches. Assorted Colors. Assorted Designs. Non Toxic. FUN for story time! @amazon

WWE Championship Title Belt

$127 Who’s the champ? YOU ARE! And you can prove it with your very own title belt! Heavyweight and Intercontinental belts also available!

18-in-1 Handy Multi-Tool

$13 This one goes in the wallet, and doesn’t leave until you need it! 18 tools within the size of a credit card! Made from 4x heat treated steel. Lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull.

Balsa Wood Rubber-Band Powered Airplane

This thing has been in kids' stockings since 1926! So why stop now? Maybe this will get them off their phone for two seconds, so they can play with a REAL toy! Kids and adults alike! 17" wingspan. Made in the USA. @amazon Cheaper <a href="http://amzn.to/2dvXTkE">here</a>.

$12 This thing has been in kids’ stockings since 1926! So why stop now? Maybe this will get them off their phone for two seconds, so they can play with a REAL toy! Kids and adults alike! 17″ wingspan. Made in the USA. @amazon Cheaper here.

“Just the Marshmallows” Cereal

$11 Now, you can have a bowl of “just the marshmallows”! 1lb bag. Add to cereal, hot chocolate, or whatever meal you’d like!

Beer Making Kit

$40 Make your own beer! This reusable kit contains everything you need to make your very first 1 gallon batch of Jalapeno Saison. Many other flavors to choose from. this is your first step to becoming a brew master! Go the extra step, and make your own labels, and share with friends! They will be impressed!

The Man Can

$40 100% all natural skin care set for men. Cleverly packaged in a paint can. Includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mitt. Fresh, manly scents.

Exploding Kittens – Card Game

$20 A Card Game About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats. Family-friendly, party game for 2-5 players (up to 9 players when combined with any other deck). Includes 56 cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches), box, and instructions.

Sucker Punch Pickles

$13 Get ready! These pickles pack a punch! All natural. Gluten Free. Vegan. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup. No MSG, additives, or preservatives. For every pickle lover!

Aeromax Original Tangle Free Toy Parachute

The allure of stocking stuffers that DON'T require batteries! Throw it, and watch this little guy soar to the ground. Repeat. Good ol' fashioned fun!

$6 The allure of stocking stuffers that DON’T require batteries! Throw it, and watch this little guy soar to the ground. Repeat. Good ol’ fashioned fun!

Hand Held Scalp Head Massager

$2 - Yes! $2 for two of these scalp massagers...have you ever tried one? It's simply amazing! You put this thing on your head, and the and of the metal arms massage your scalp like you've never had your scalp massaged ever before.

$2 – Yes! $2 for two of these scalp massagers…have you ever tried one? It’s simply amazing! You put this thing on your head, and the end of the metal arms massage your scalp like you’ve never had your scalp massaged ever before. Must try! *Increase blood circulation *Provides deep relaxation *Helps reduce stress Small enough to take with you anywhere


$27 Be handy and be ready for any task! 12 tools. Light-weight, open-frame design. Every guy needs a tool like this! I have mine..do you have yours? Great gift idea for guys.

Golf Swing Trainer


$51 Practice your swing anywhere! Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and helps eliminate early release/casting…Strengthens core golf muscles. Durable polyurethane head for frequent use.


4M Zero Gravity Fridge Rover

Fridge Rover

$6 The gravity defying Fridge Rover will move over any magnetic surface. All you have to do is wind it up and watch it go. Inside the Rover’s clockwork mechanism is a coiled spring that winds more tightly as you turn the handle; this stores energy in the spring (potential energy). When you let go, the spring uncoils, releasing the energy again and making the wheels turn (kinetic energy). The wheels grip the surface because the magnet pulls the Fridge Rover firmly against the fridge. @amazon

The Great Grill Scraper

The Great Grill Scraper

$10 New and improved – No more wire bristles in your food. Easy to handle and easy to clean. Measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches Cleans multiple grill sizes and easy to store. Made in the USA @amazon

Personalized Whisky Aging Barrel

Personalized whisky barrel

$79 Beautifully engraved & skillfully handcrafted from NEW (not reclaimed) American white oak. Features a medium toast char For aging perfection. The barrel can be used over and over again up to 8 years. Age or make your own spirits 10x faster. Size really does matter and in this case, “Smaller is Better”. Reduce the size, increase the surface to volume ratio. Physics at it’s best!!!

Jerky Sampler

$50 Beef jerky, pork jerky, turkey jerky…An Awesome Assortment of 11 Kinds of Jerky – including Soft & Tender and Traditional Style Jerky. A must for any meat lover!

Himalayan Salt Brick & Holder

$38 Cook like a pro! This Himalayan salt brick plate can be heated and used as a cooking surface or chilled to keep food cool, Great for Presentation. 8″x12″. Comes with a recipe book.

Ultimate Beard Kit

$65 Perfect gift for any bearded guy in your life: Organic Beard Balm, Organic Beard Oil, Organic Beard Shampoo, Wood Beard Comb and a Free Organic Body Soap.

DIY Cheese Kit

$32 Make your own mozzarella at home! Easy and simple…contains everything you need, except the milk.

Cards Against Humanity Game

Cards Against Humanity

$25 This game has been an amazon best seller for some time now…and there’s no question why…it’s a BLAST! Fun for all the adults in the family… Not kid friendly. 550 cards (460 White cards and 90 Black cards) Over 13 duodecillion possible rounds (10^40) with 6 players Professionally printed on premium playing cards

Punderdome – Card Game

$13 They say this is the game that will replace cards against humanity (above). In this game, the funniest pun wins! “One part game, one part conversation starter, you don’t need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun along the way.”

$100 Keep your gun clean! Over 40 firearm-specific cleaning components in a nylon case. Breech-to-muzzle cleaning System. Bronze bore and chamber brushes. Nylon coated memory flex rod with compression welded fittings. 100% cotton patches


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

O'keeffe's working hands hand cream

$6 Lets face it…his hands arent soft. He has workin mans hands… Give this hand cream a try and I bet you’ll be surprised! It’s specifically made for dry hands that crack and split. Unscented – Non Greasy -Guaranteed relief in days – Safe for people with Diabetes @amazon


Weener Kleener Soap

$9 OK, now that his hands are soft…is his wiener clean? Probably not. Help a guy out. One size fits most.

Leather Beer Holster

$20 Ready. Aim. CHUG. Keep your friends close…and your beer closer. Always know where you left your beer, because this holster wont leave your side. Beer drinkers rejoice.

Wild Game Sampler

$135 This sampler of wild game birds contain: a smoked duck, smoked pheasant and six smoked quail. Each bird has been cured, cooked, and hickory smoked. A perfect gift for any outdoorsman. Packed in a Real Tree® camo box. Sampler Contains:One 3.5 to 4.5 lb. Duck, One 2 to 3 lb. Pheasant and Six Quail (3.5 to 4.5 oz. each)

$8 Grilled cheese? In the toaster? YES! FINALLY! Use these bags in your toaster, oven, grill or microwave. Material is Non-Stick to prevent food sticking inside bag.

Games with Names

Games with names

$8 JOSHUA’S GAME is a fun new card game especially for people called Joshua or Josh! Fun and entertaining, this unusual item makes an excellent gift. If you know someone called Joshua, this is THE game for him! Discover all kinds of Joshuas from all over the world! Alternative games in the range include Daniel, Jack, Chloe, Harry, Thomas, Oliver, Olivia and Sophie!

Crank Power Back-UpDigital Radio

$46 This is a MUST HAVE for any household. In case of emergency, be prepared. Receives AM/FM/NOAA Weatherband to keep you informed and entertained – NOAA Weather Alerts so you know what’s coming your way – Digital tuner and display for precise tuning and reception Super bright long lasting ½ watt LED flashlight 5V 1A USB output charges smartphones Rechargeable 800 mAh lithium battery Battery charge indicator so you know how much power you have left Three power options: Rechargeable lithium battery, solar panel and hand crank. @amazon

Hyper Chiller

$37 Hot coffee to iced coffee? YES! Chills hot coffee by up to 130+ degrees in 60 seconds without dilution Other uses: chill whiskey, wine, iced tea, etc. High volume 12.5 oz. capacity.


Ready to Drink Food

$32 Soylent is a nutritionally complete, ready to drink meal in a bottle. Each case contains 12 bottles, each 400 Calories and 14 ounces (414 mL). 100% vegan meal replacement, with carbohydrates from beets, protein from soy, healthy fats from renewable algae sources.

Life Straw

$20 Award-winning LifeStraw has been used by millions around the globe since 2005. Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction) and surpasses EPA standards for water filters. Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals. @amazon

iGrill Mini Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

Bluetooth grill thermometer

$35 Temperature LED indicator with Proximity Wake-Up shows progression from start to done without lifting the lid on your grill or smoker. 150 foot Bluetooth Smart range. 150 hour Battery life. Magnetic mounting


14 lb Turducken

$70 You’ve always wanted to try one! And now you can, without any of the mess!! Here, you get a partially deboned turkey stuffed with boneless chicken, duck, and mouth-watering cajun cornbread dressing. Serves 14-16.

3 in 1 Phone Camera Lens

$9 – Take your phone photography to the next level!! Three different lenses included: 198° Fisheye Lens + 150° Wide Angle Lens + 10X Macro Lens for iphone Samsung Most Android Smart Phones, Both front & Back Cameras. @amazon


iphone Microscope

iphone microscope

$6 Use your iphone to take super macro photos…basically a microscope in your pocket! 60X magnification. Just clip to your phone and shoot!

Poop Emoji Vanilla Air Freshener

Emoji poo air freshener

$6 I never thought the words ‘poop’ and ‘vanilla’ would be in the same sentence..but here it is…a vanilla scented poop emoji car air freshener. 3-pack. Made in the USA. @amazon


Emoji Air Freshener – collect them all!

Emoji Air Freshener

$20 Emoji’s included: Tears of Joy, Sunglasses, Tongue out, Grin, Heart eyes, Grin, Smirk, Tongue out, wink, kiss, cat, purple devil, woman, praying hands, heart, alien, pink poo, poo Scents Included: Pina Colada, Vanilla, Jasmine, & Pine 18 per pack 3″ maximum width. Made in the USA. @amazon

Bullet Knife

$7 420-Stainless steel, brass plated, cast metal case. 3 1/4″ closed.

Hard Cider Kit

$40 Make your own hard cider! Makes three 1 gallon batches. Also Includes: racking cane, tubing, tubing clamp, screw cap stopper and packet of sanitizer. Kit only requires fresh apple cider or fresh apple juice (not from concentrate).

Hand-knitt Helmate & Beard

$19 Keep your face warm, and hair always on point… Elastic material, for most adults. 100% Acrylic. Imported. Hand Knit Helmet. Adjustable / Removable beard for perfect placement, Epic Horns included.

960 Emoji Stickers

960 Jumbo pack emoji stickers

$7 All the emoji’s you’re used to on your phone…now in sticker form! Write a letter (??) and express yourself with 960 winky eye, kiss face, poo emoji and thumbs up…PLUS all the other social media emoji you’re used to.

Custom Air Freshener

Custom air freshener

$13 – Your face on an air freshener! Choose from over 15 fragrances. Ideal as a gift and great for hanging in your car, home or office. Packaged in a polypropylene bag. Actual air freshener size is approximately 75 mm diameter.


Darth Vader Sandwich Shaper

$20 Create your own uncrustables! In the shape of Luke’s father…Darth Vader! Other shapes available, include a storm trooper, R2D2 and BB-8! Makes lunchtime fun!

R2D2 Hard Boil Egg Shaper

Turn a hard-boiled egg into the shape of R2-D2!

$9 Make lunchtime fun! Turn a hard-boiled egg into the shape of R2-D2! Other shapes include: Darth Vadar, Stormtrooper, C3-P0.

12 Pocket Leather Tool Roll

$29 Keep your tools organized, and with you at all times. This tool roller makes it easy to travel with the tools you need most. Never mis-place your tools again.

Magnetic Putty

$15 It’s good ‘ol fashioned putty, with a twist…it’s magnetic…and has a mind of its own! They call it “thinking puddy”…While you play, “your brain relaxes and opens up to all kinds of creative thinking” ..Hours of fun! (until it drops on on the floor and accumulates your families hair) Includes a 1/2″ cubed ferrite magnet. Comes in many colors including glow-in-the dark! Made in the USA.

10-in-1 Bartending Tools

Bartender 10-in-1 tool

$15 I can never keep all of my drink tools in one place…But this little guy won’t let you lose anything! 10 bartending necessities in one convenient, sleek contraption. Features: 1. Muddler- Crush fruit, herbs, spices and more to extract 2. Reamer- Add freshly squeezed juice from your favorite fruits 3. Channel Knife- Create twists and other garnishes 4. Jigger- Get a perfect 1-ounce or 1/2-ounce pour every time 5. Zester- Capture the tang and aroma of citrus fruits 6. Knife- Slice and dice ingredients and garnishes with this 4″ blade 7. Stirrer- Blend cocktails thoroughly; expands up to 6″ 8. Strainer- Separate ice from liquid as you pour 9. Corkscrew- Uncork your favorite bottle of wine 10. Bottle Opener- Pop the top off a beer or mixer.

A&W Soda Can Hidden Can Safe

$3 Hide the things that are most important to you, in an unconventional spot! No one will guess where you put it!

Pickle Lip Balm

$7 Any pickle lovers out there? You reeeaally have to love pickles to want that flavor on your lips all the time! Dill flavored. Also available in bacon!

Book of Secrets

$6  Find out some of the best kept secrets of our time! Thomas Eaton’s Book of Secrets reveals hundreds of clandestine, covert, surreptitious, furtive, hush-hush, and taboo pop-cultural and historical curiosities, from government cover-ups to marketing tricks to Colonel Sander’s secret recipe.

Pocket Ref Book

$12 If you need to know it…it’s in this book. The concise all-purpose pocket-sized reference book featuring abundant information on many subjects, hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions.

Emergency Fire Starter

$5 Everything you need to start a fire! Keep this in your camping bag, and never be without your basic necessities! Compact pocket size. Waterproof & weatherproof. 3″ x 1″ Solid magnesium bar with flint.

24″ Survival Pocket Chain

$11 High quality, field tested survival gear, Made of high strength super strong heat treated steel. Highly effective bi-directional cutting teeth,Gather fire wood fast.

Beard Trim Hair Catcher

$15 He makes a mess of the bathroom when he shaves. I know I do..and its a pain to clean up…Even when I do, I still get in trouble because I never get all of the hair! Made of polyester material, waterproof, easy to clean and dry. Suckers and hooks for your choice, practical in different conditions.

Beard Oil

$11 The bearded man cannon go without beard oil. It makes such a difference! Moisture-rich ingredients treat skin and hair follicles, helping to prevent dandruff and split ends associated with beard growth. The premium ingredients are all-natural cold-pressed jojoba oil, 100% Moroccan argan oil, and vitamin E.

No Spill Bowl

Gyro Bowl

$9 They will spill. Prevent messes with this! Plastic. Dishwasher safe.

Spill-Proof Mug

Spill proof mug

$29 The World’s first unspillable travel mug, powered with Smart Grip technology. This mug really will not fall over when accidentally knocked! Perfect for the working day, on boats, picnics and on the beach. Double wall construction and 0.47L/16 oz capacity.

USB Wall Outlet

USB wall outlet

$15 This needs to be a standard outlet in homes these days. Everyone has a phone they charge with USB. Now, you can have a USB outlet in your wall! 2.1 Amp charging capacity, charging two USB devices simultaneously without adapters. Two High-tech “Smart” USB ports precisely read the power need and deliver optimum power charge accordingly.

Personalized Steel Guitar Pick

personalized guitar pick

$10 Put your message on a stainless Steel 22 Gauge Guitar Pick. For the guitar player in your life.

Barbarian Knit Beanie Octopus

$4 Handmade beanie that sets you apart from the crowd. Everyone will be asking where you got it. So many other styles available.

Soap Grenade

$10 Put some BANG in your Bath time with a Handmade Soap Grenade! The Soap Grenades are handmade in the USA and Full Size (Molded from a real ‘Pineapple MKII Grenade’). Glycerin Based Soap is mild and gentle for any skin type

Mr. Moustachios Manliest Mustaches

$8 No ‘stache? No problem! High-quality stick-on mustaches for kids and adults. 2-5 inches in length, fully-sized for adult faces. Each assortment contains one of the following styles: Wild Bill, Crumb Catcher, Fu-Man-Chu, Handle Bars, Rich Uncle Nicklebags, The Dali, Con Artist, Disco Dave, Rollin’ Rollie and Stache O’ Mania


 Buck Poop – Candy

$5 Easily make Chocolate Deer Poop a tradition in your home with the fun story behind it! Contains 6 ounces of Chocolate Deer Poop (Delicious Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins)

Beer Flavored Belly Bellys

$7 Alcohol free jelly belly’s that taste like beer! I dont know if thats a good or bad thing. Each 1.75 oz can is filled with five 0.35 oz bags

 Damn-it Doll

$13 Stress relief! Handmade, high quality material, and durable enough to sustain a mean squeeze. We even encourage you to bang it off of your desk at home/work. Relax and take a moment to take out your frustration on the Classic Stress Relief, The Dammit Doll. You’ll love the laughs your Dammit Doll gag gift will bring to friends, colleagues and family!

Bacon Candy

$3 We’re all used to everything tasting like bacon, but this candy turns your mouth into a frying pan. Sprinkle a generous portion of the chunks of bacon-flavored candy on your tongue and they will begin to sizzle and crack just like a slice of bacon preparing for breakfast. You’ll get two 0.34 oz. (9.5 g) packets of carbonated candy, for a total of 0.67 oz.

 Candied Bacon Jerky

$7 If you are a Bacon Lover, you’ve got to try our Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Jerky. What is Candied Bacon, you ask? It’s the perfect marriage of salty and sweet. This tastes wonderful with eggs and makes a great buffet brunch side dish. This is the best bacon jerky that you will ever eat.


$100 It’s easy to learn the Uke! A few youtube “how to” videos and you’ll be up and running in no time. Very fun and easy. Mahogany Top, back & sides. Concert size. Satin finish.

Double Play Word Card Game

Double play card game

$10 CRAZY GAME CHANGER: Magically turn any letter to another just by rotating the card! Learn to play quickly and complete a round in 10 minutes. ave family-friendly fun whether you’re a word nerd or a newbie.

Hillary Nut Cracker

Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker

$30 This is a 9” high, free-standing replica of the woman who almost became Leader of the Free World… and did become America’s Most Popular Nutcracker! IT REALLY WORKS! Just place a nut between her legs and squeeze. Cracks the toughest nuts—including Republican, Democratic, Russian, North Korean, etc. Extra fun when you add a little imagination.

AMP Refrigerator

$349 Hide your beer stash! 4.4 Cu. Ft. fridge with authentic Marshall look. Convenient can storage. High efficiency freezer. Energy Star compliant and CPC free. IS NOT a real guitar amp.

AAAAAAND…That’s my “gift ideas for guys” list for 2016! I hope you got a few ideas out of it! Comment below if you have ideas of your own!

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