3D Pen

3D Pen

$60 Adult version 3D pen, with temp/speed control…the tip gets HOT so be careful! Powered by plug. Not cordless. But can be used with a power bank, for wireless use.

Unique Gifts 4 Guys – Draw in 3D! This pen takes in plastic filament (included), melts it, and it flows out the other end, allowing you to draw off the paper! Literally, draw in the air and create any object you can think of.

There is a child version (3Doodler) and adult version (MYNT3D). The child version won’t burn you if you touch the tip, but you have to buy special plastic filament. The adult version tip gets really hot, but you have more control of the speed, temperature, and any standard PLA or ABS filament will work, typical of any 3D printer.

There are many different 3D pen styles and brands…these two I have used, and have had no issues with.

$40 Child version 3D pen…the tip doesn’t get hot! Charge with USB. Cordless.

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