Create a custom onesie

Create a custom onesie

My onesieUnique Gifts for Guys – I grew up in a footed blue onesie that I wore every night until I outgrew it. I remember it being very comfortable, and I could wear it around the clock. Cut to me 17 years later wearing coveralls on a Navy ship. Again, so very comfortable to wear all day. And I liked how I didn’t have to think about what to wear..pants and shirt not necessary. With this UK company, The All in One Company, you can customize your very own onesie right down to a tail and ears, front or back zipper, pocket options, various fabrics and colors and so much more! There’re so many options it took me a good half hour to make my own creation, but it was fun to go through all the options. Here is what I created with connected mittens and feet, a hood and horns. why not.


My creation of a fleece onesie. Many more fabrics and colors to choose from!


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Create your own onesie

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