Raspberry pi 3 CanaKit

Raspberry pi 3 CanaKit

pi2-2smallerUnique Gifts for Guys — Cut out your cable provider, hulu and nextflix. The Raspberry Pi replaces all of them…

What is this ‘Raspberry Pi’, you ask? It’s basically a tiny, powerful, computer…You can do many things with it, but what I use it for is to watch movies and TV shows… any show I want…If its available online anywhere, its available for me to stream to my TV.

There is no monthly fee…no hidden fees..It’s not illegal. It’s completely safe, fun, and saves you about $100 a month on cable bills. It is slightly technical, so make sure who ever you are giving this to is a slight nerd.

Read-up on it here.

And here is more info on the operating system needed to watch movies and shows, called Kodi.


I recommend this remote to go with it. Much easier to navigate!


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