Water Weenie Fights

Water Weenie Fights


Water Weenie (click for details)

Unique Gifts 4 guys — Summer is around the corner, and the water weenie is the cheap way to cool off! I grew up with these things, and have very fond memories of my sister and I playing the the front yard, soaking each other. They are super cheap, and create hours of fun. A perfect gift for him.

Water tube squirters (off-brand Water Weenie)

There are also cheaper versions of the water weenie, called Water Tube Squirters. Same thing, just no fabric cover to go around the hose.

HINT: You can make these yourself at home with surgical tubing and elbow grease. Take a look at what this guy made.


Balloon fight??


(click for details)

$12 for 100 water balloons. (click for details)

Now, you can fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds! That’s amazing! Do you know how long it would take to fill 100 water balloons? Probably 60 MINUTES!! This invention is the perfect gift for a summer-time water fight!

$38 for 350 balloons (click for details)




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