Custom Video Game: UPDATE

Custom Video Game: UPDATE

Unique Gifts 4 Guys — I woke up to the best email this morning. Totally out of nowhere. From someone, I have never met, but I made an impact on his life… and I didn’t even know it.

On this site, Unique gifts for guys, I find and post unique gift ideas (obvs)… Two years ago (almost to the day) I stumbled across a guy who creates custom video games in his spare time. Cool! This is a great gift idea! So I added it to my site (see original post) and didn’t really think much of it past that…

I never contacted the guy and never asked for a commission or anything like that, like most of the other gifts on my site. But today, I got an email from him out of the blue. I wanted to share it with you.

I hope Petr won’t mind, and I hope you order a custom video game from him at next time you need an awesome gift idea 🙂

Here is what he wrote to me:



I wanted to thank you for your post about me:

It really helped me a lot. I’m always asking people how did they find out about me and they always say something like “I was looking for a unique gift”. I haven’t used that phrase by then so it must have been thanks to your website post. Thanks a lot!

Since then I’ve created games for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and even one which served as a marriage proposal (she said yes! ? ). I’ve even created a game for a front-line Italian doctor during the corona virus crisis. She was a true hero – saving people whole day and helping with the story for the game after 10 pm when she finally got home. Just to bring joy to her boyfriend who she didn’t see for more than a month due to her work.

These stories probably wouldn’t come true if you’ve never post about me. So thanks again for everyone – me the most! I made it a full time job now. I believe it wouldn’t be possible without you. If you’ll ever need a personalized video game as a gift, let me know. Prices went up since your post, but I’ll give you a big discount or even make it for free. Depending on the complexity of the game.

Best regards

How cool is that?? So let’s keep Petr busy during all this madness… Tell your friends about! Now, what game should I make?? hmmmm…

Personalized Video Games Logo in black and white with a game character running across


I love the custom video game niche so much, I am now the proud owner of where you can find the perfect game designer to fit your needs. Petr does great work, but there are other types of designers who create other types of games. I am bringing them all to one place, so you can make the game of your dreams!

You can make a profile and contact these game artists. Zero in on the one right for your project, and they don’t get paid until they complete the project to your satisfaction!

Conversely, Video game designers and artists can make a profile, and then create as many gigs as they’d like…for all the different types of services they offer. Check out to make that game you’ve been thinking about!!

Personalized Video Games Logo in black and white with a game character running across

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