Personalized Bobble Heads

Personalized Bobble Heads

unique gifts for guys -- custom bobble headUnique Gifts for Guys — One of the first things that caught my eye when conceptualizing this blog, was a personalized bobble head. A mini-me! How cool! I want one! OK…Bobble heads wholesale jerseys were popular, what? 10 years ago?

So put my head on a babies? spring and skinny cheap jerseys body, and you have yourself a sale, and a very narcissistic gift to my self. It’s for the blog, right? YES! Or for that special guy in Lampertheim your life (or girl…but this IS a gift for guys blog!)

I cheap jerseys have a 5% off ??????? coupon code for world! you, from the friendly folks over at Pro Bobble:

discount coupon: 5PUG4G

The are also more bobble head creators on Etsy.


if ( $.fn.carouFredSel!=undefined ){
responsive : true,
height: “variable”,
width : “100%”,
auto : {
play: true,
timeoutDuration : 5000
swipe : {
onTouch: true,
onMouse: true
},prev : “#prev-9796”,next : “#next-9796”,pagination : “#pager-9796”,items : {
width : 200,
height: “variable”,
visible : {
min : 1,
max : 3
$(“#caroufredsel-9796”).imagesLoaded( function() {
$(“.caroufredsel-9796-wrap”).css( {
height: “auto”,
overflow: “visible”,
opacity: “1”


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