Star Wars Metal Model Kits

Star Wars Metal Model Kits

metal-figuresUnique Gifts for Guys — Star Wars is HUGE again…Has it ever gone away? I Build your own R2D2, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Typewriter or Darth Vaders TIE Fighter! These guys come in thin sheets of metal, punched out with wholesale mlb jerseys the design, so all you (NOA) have to do is twist them out of the cheap nfl jerseys sheet, and use pliers (not included) to put the whole wholesale nba jerseys thing together. At about $12 each…you can’t go wrong. Someone cheap nfl jerseys said wholesale nba jerseys they sell these at disneyland…You KNOW it sells ?????? for probably double! Personalized They are $15 at Hobby Lobby.

You Michalak can find these cool metal models here.

sheet metal

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