Dandilion paperweight

Dandilion paperweight

dandelionUnique Gifts 4 Guys — Oh great…a paperweight. Just what I’ve always wanted…I hear you…but this thing is pretty cool…

I’ve always been fascinated by this weed, called a Dandelion. They have this aura of good luck…you pluck, and make a wish, and blow the seeds everywhere. Now, you can always have luck on your side, and a dandelion on your desk.

And to think, most people mow these bad boys over with their lawnmower or weed-eater… But it really is a weed of beauty!

It started off as a kickstarter… and they had a great demand for them…243 backers pleged more than $18,000…and they were only asking for $3,000…

How do they make them??..was the first thing I asked myself…Very carefully. I actually found a youtube video on the process…you can easily make them yourself, if you have the time and patience.

Or, they are going for around $100 on for an extra-large version on Amazon.











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